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The Art of Dance

“Art is something that makes you Breathe with a different kind of Happiness.”  Anni Albers

This rings true with Leona as she believes that when we find our passion in the Arts–be it in dance, song or painting–we invite healing and happiness.  Finding your creative side can be hard to do–especially in a time when we are working, raising families and are stretched the max–but it is so important.  What creative things spark joy in you?


For Leona, she finds joy and creativity in dance.  She has been expressing herself through dance for over 20 years—gracing stages, teaching classes, leading workshops, and inspiring women all over the world. Sought after for her smooth transitions, beautiful hip work, captivating smile and positive atmosphere, Leona’s passion for the dance form is as great as it was in her first class.


Take a class, do a workshop, spark joy within. Or invite Leona to perform, teach or speak at your next event.


"Love Love Love dancing with Leona! An elegant but playful performer and a very talented teacher. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced dancer, she will keep you challenged and growing. Even in the midst of a pandemic her Zoom classes will keep you moving forward. Thank you Leona!"  - Karen Mauro


"Leona effortlessly exudes warmth and authenticity that is like a delicious hug. Do yourself a favor and take her class, watch her dance or spend time with her. I guarantee you will walk away with more delight, inspiration and joy." - Kaeshi Chai"

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